The Jeeves of MMO mousing with 18 programmable buttons
and a whopping 16,400 DPI resolution


The Jeeves of MMO mousing with 18 programmable buttons and a whopping 16,400 DPI resolution


  • The #1 MMO gaming mouse on Amazon
  • Highest DPI Avago sensor to date for incredible resolution
  • Onboard RAM saves your button configs, even on other computers
  • Suits gamers with either a palm grip or fingertip grip
  • Pairs well with an in-game hotbar and a flagon of dwarven ale

This mouse has become my mainstay for MMOs and other games. So good, I bought another.

James Holden

I like to play MMO's and I've already noticed an improvement in my game play performance and reaction times after just a couple of weeks.

Steven Rose

The Perfect Razer Naga Replacement. For the price, it is honestly the best mouse you can buy. Works perfectly for MMORPG, high end PvP gaming.

Zain Abdi



Everything you can do within reach

Back in my day, we had two buttons, A and B, and we liked it that way. But times change, and so do the games we play. Today’s games give you a lot more options than just “run” or “jump,” and you need a device that’s capable of mapping those actions to a convenient location within easy reach of a fingertip. 12 on the side, six on the top, one on the bottom (your teammates probably have their heals on this one).


Fits any size hand, any grip style

One of the most complicated parts of building a mouse with 18 buttons is making sure that each and every one of those buttons is in reach of a finger for the vast majority of gamers, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Unlike other mouse manufacturers who prefer forcing the palm grip on their customers, we’ve curved down the middle and back for increased comfort for the majority of users.


Eight 2.4-gram weights increase inertia

The base of the Perdition includes a removable cartridge for customizing the weight of your mouse. Add extra weight to avoid overshooting targets in stressful situations (or to reduce hand jitter on frictionless surfaces like our mousepads). Remove weight to have better control over the momentum of the mouse and allow for quicker motion.


A fine piece of plastic and metal

There are curves in all the right places on this white hot Perdition. Just like its brothers in black, it’s a high-precision laser gaming mouse that is begging for some action. In fact, you’ll have a hard time keeping your hands off it.


  • On-the-fly DPI adjustment (1000/2000/4000/8200/16400)
  • 18 programmable buttons with 5 memory profiles
  • 8-piece weight and balance tuning set
  • Contoured body with durable & smooth TEFLON feet
  • OMRON Micro switches with Avago optical sensor
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • 30g acceleration
  • 6ft high-strength braided fiber cable with gold-plated USB
  • 16 million LED color options